6 Reasons to import cars especially from Pak Japan Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Thousands of web sites have popped up on the internet and they claim to be Japanese Car Dealers/Exporters. It has led to huge competition among Japanese Car Dealers on the internet. To win those customers, most of them promise cheapest prices and attractive discounts with hidden charges. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even have an office in Japan. Many others are involved in various frauds. If you search on the internet for few minutes, you can read lot of stories about people who have lost their money trusting those so called Japanese Car Dealers on the internet, and it is very frequent that those dealers ship cars which are in very bad condition, after taking money from customers. Therefore, it is very difficult for a foreign customer to choose a trustworthy Japanese Car Dealer to import their car from Japan.
We have compiled a few reasons out of many, explaining why a customer should contact us, Pak Japan Motors Pvt. Ltd. to import their car from Japan for personal use or re-sale.

  • We display all the data directly available in auction as it is in our website. So you have a clear understanding about the car you are thinking to purchase. Auction sheets are uploaded on our website so that the customers have chance to see the actual auction sheet before purchasing it. You don’t simply have to believe what we say, you can see it by yourself.
  • All our purchases are directly from auction only.
  • Auction companies inspect all the cars well before putting on auction and state the correct mileage of each car on the auction sheet. They even mention all the visible marks/defects on the auction sheet. But some other car dealers purchase cars from various untrustworthy sources. Therefore, those dealers themselves don’t know much about the actual condition of the cars they are selling.
  • Our staff has years of experience in auction bidding, they don’t simply let other dealers to purchase a good car over us. Most of the times, they have to purchase the cars that we don’t bid for, because of high mileage or any other problem.
  • Our sales representatives will fully describe you about the car. Our shipping and documents department will guarantee smooth shipment of your car, so you will not have any burden at clearance at your local port.
  • Our auction system is unique with live bidding and results and a database of all previous biddings sent by the customer together with the final results. It is really easy to use and all up to date customer purchases are found in your own virtual office that we offer you online. All financial transactions are receipted and acknowledged fast with statement of accounts generated after each shipment and detailed payment details received are all displayed so that you can follow up.